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Enneagram Type 1 Growth: 10 Mantras for an Enneagram Type One


If you’ve been learning about the Enneagram, you may feel, seen, validated, and most of all, not alone. After having fun with Enneagram Type 1 bingo and finding out which Tv characters are Ones (Ned Stark! Monica from Friends!), you might be feeling ready for something more. Some depth. Some meaning. Some purpose.

That’s where the Enneagram shines. 

No other personality framework is dynamic like the Enneagram. Rather than boxing you in, the Enneagram allows you to be, to grow, to move through highs and lows.

Not sure what you growth for an Enneagram Type 1 looks like? Read on for ten inspiring mantras to put your personal development gears into motion.

Mantra cards for the Enneagram Type One at

Mantra cards for the Enneagram Type One at

I let go of what I cannot change.

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, from something called the Serenity Prayer. Type Ones come into situations looking for areas of improvement (and believe me, they will find them). This can be frustrating, though, when they don’t have the means or the freedom to implement changes.

I relax and enjoy life.

Ones are constantly battling their Inner Critic, a voice in their head that points out error and passes judgment. Because of this, Ones are always striving for progress and positive change, or even perfection. In a world where there is always work to be done, it’s hard for them to let go and prioritize rest. Ones can recognize that balance and restoration are key for anyone trying to make an impact. This is true for themselves and for those around them. 

I am forgiving of others.

Resentment is a common struggle for Ones, and it seems to go hand in hand with judgment and grudges. When they perceive others as not “pulling their weight” or acting in a way that doesn’t align with a One’s sense of morality, they tend to pass judgment. However, feelings of judgment, disapproval or anger are not seen as “positive”, and so the feelings may be pushed down where they grow into resentment and live as a grudge. Ones can have a hard time noticing anger build up in themselves. A simple way to work on this is to acknowledge physical sensations that signal anger, like a clenched jaw or tight stomach. Taking time to name your feelings is an instant step in the right direction. 

Action tip: If there is a recurring issue with someone, take your feelings as a sign to bring up the problem in a way that lacks judgment.  For instance, you might say in a light tone, “I’ve noticed you never take out the trash. Could you tell me why?”

I am gentle with myself.

Ones have an Inner Critic that constantly shames them. When the voice in their head is forever telling them that they could have done that better, what they just said was wrong, or they’re doing a terrible job, a negative self-image can grow. Type Ones benefit from taking time to acknowledge their positive qualities and successes, big or small, that they have had. Action tip: track what went well each day in a journal. It doesn’t have to be much: a line or two can easily capture your accomplishments and what you’re grateful for.


I make mistakes and move on.

Ones are in constant fear of making a mistake. They feel that at any moment their flaws and errors will be pointed out and they will be punished or humiliated in some way. They also feel guilty for not meeting their own unattainable standards.0000

Done is better than perfect.

Let’s go over this again. Ones strive for perfection. There is freedom in the knowledge that we are human, and perfection is impossible. This mantra could come off as permission to be sloppy, but to a One, I doubt this would be a problem. Instead, they can view it as permission to do their best and accept imperfection along the way.


My needs are important.

Ones may ignore their own needs in their never-ending quest to create a world of order and perfection. Since unmet needs can create even more anger and resentment within a One, they would do well to acknowledge self-care as part of their to-do list.

Work can be a way for Ones to mask or even prevent certain emotions, while also embodying values prized in our culture (“What a hard worker!”) This provides a convenient, socially acceptable escape for the One. Taking care of your own needs may seem unproductive or impractical, but it is a worthy pursuit. Action tip: find time each day to jot down your thoughts and feelings, or to verbally share with someone.

My feelings are worthy of my attention.

Ones struggle with the need to appear “good,” and that can manifest itself in emotion-stuffing. Most notably, Ones stuff down their anger. Anger is the deadly sin of Ones, and isn’t being angry “bad?” So the feelings get pushed down, where they grow into resentment. This can happen with other emotions, too: sadness, fear, frustration, or embarrassment are all expressions that might get buried in an effort to be “good.” Even feelings of pleasure may get blocked, since feeling good can also be “bad”, in a somewhat Puritanical sense.

Many people experienced childhoods where emotions were not acknowledged or acceptedL “You’re fine.” “Stop crying.” “Oh, you’re not scared.” Tackling these entrenched thought patterns is tough, but the best way to start is by allowing yourself to move through the emotion without judgement. Emotions pass; they do not define you.

I see what is right in the world.

Type Ones strive for a better world and can always see what could be improved upon. While we need progress, there must also be room for seeing what is good and beautiful right now, just as things are. In order to save the world, you must first appreciate why it’s worth saving.

Judging others is not my job.   

Conscientious and fair, Ones are always attuned to what is right, good, moral.They are also busy tending to errors and what “must be done.” Many others fall outside of these bounds in their behavior, and a One is irritated to witness this. Judgment is quick to surface when others don’t fall in line with a One’s black-and-white thinking. However, judgment is exhausting. A One can find freedom in acceptance rather than policing the benign actions of others.  

Moving forward

What resonates with you? Not all of these statements will bring something up, but I’m guessing at least one of them did. How can you move through your days with awareness and compassion, for yourself and others?

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