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Free Easter Printable: I Know My Redeemer Lives


Celebrate Easter with this free printable! Happy Easter to all!

Six Free Printables: Let's Do Life Together


I have been part of a fabulous small group for the last two and a half years. Boy, do I love these people. Through church events and friends, somehow we four couples came together to form a family. We were all about the same age, same life stage, and had similar worldviews and interests (It is important, for instance, to know that your fellow small groupers would be cool with having wine or beer at a meeting). So in the fall of 2012, when we all started heading down this road of groupdom, it was often said that we were "doing life together." This was pretty meaningful for Husband and myself. We moved to Chicagoland after finishing our degrees and had a pretty flimsy support network. No family and just a handful of friends who lived in Chicago proper, so we saw them maybe once a month. Finally, after four years, we had found our people, our family. It was time to do life together.

Our small group took this to heart. We shared our life stories, we went out dancing, we celebrated birthdays. And then...we all got pregnant. By some miracle of timing, we all had babies within five months of each other. It is hard for me to imagine what life would have been like these last couple of years if I hadn't been going through it all with my friends. Us ladies have sent so many group texts about pregnancy blahs, postpartum pain, and motherhood that we could probably compile it all into a book (although I am quite sure we wouldn't want to).

Still, life got in the way. Parenthood changes a lot of things, and our group felt this times four. The last year or so saw a big shift in our focus (kids! sleep!), and only recently have we all started to come back to a place where we can say we're all in. Some of this is because our babies are getting older, and some because we are feeling able and ready for more. We got a big dose of inspiration a couple of months ago, as our church was studying the early church, the Acts 2 church. There was a call to emulate the values and actions of this group of people, and the pastor shouted, "Let's do life together!"

In this spirit, I made a set of printables featuring this phrase. I hope it acts as a reminder for me, and for others as well. It can also be interpreted as a motto for your family, or you and your partner. Whatever the case, choose your flavor below, as I've made two deigns and different colorways for each. The PDF prints out as an 8x10.